I try to take an extended walk everyday at lunch.
Even in the scorching Texas-in-August temperatures, I walk. Some days, my walks are short jaunts that send me back quickly to my air-conditioned office a sweaty mess. Other days, my walks are extended treks that have me reluctantly taking a final breath of fresh air before I push open the office door and return to the grind.
With every walk, I uncover a tiny bit more of Dallas; I learn a little bit more about “The Big D.”
I’ve always been an avid proponent of opening your eyes and looking up, looking down, looking around the corner, looking behind, looking at your feet, looking at the trees from below – taking a look at the world around you from a different perspective.

Too often, we are far too focused at looking immediately ahead, both literally and figuratively. We want to move forward and progress through life – we’re not focused on the now, we’re instead focused on the whensand soons.
When I make enough money…” “I’ll get a new job soon…” “When I find the right person…” “I’ll lose that weight soon…”
My walks help me remember the simplicity of now in the best possible way.
I walk to give my brain a break from the deadlines of marketing campaigns, content pieces, and prospect lists. I walk to give my neck a break from being slumped over a computer, pounding out eight hours of work a day. I walk to give my eyes a break from squinting at an electronic screen for hours at a time.
But most importantly, I walk to enjoy the now.



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