I try to live with joy in my heart every single day. I keep a jar of “happiness” on my desk and I try to remember to write down at least one “happy” thing from each day to keep in the jar. As I watch the jar get fuller and fuller each day, it reminds me of all of the wonderful things in my world and it helps me maintain the joy in my heart.

Today, my heart holds so much happiness that it would fill a million jars a dozen times over.

Today, we got to experience history.

Today, love won, and today, the world changed.

Some of my closest friends will now be free to marry whomever they choose and will enjoy full legal benefits under the law.

My children – and the children of my friends – will grow up in a world where they can marry whomever their heart chooses, regardless of their gender. My children will (hopefully) be baffled and disgusted by the idea of discrimination against sexual orientation, and my children will grow up learning about this day in textbooks.

Love has won. Love is here to stay.

And that, my friends, is something worth being happy about.



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