Jolly Vox Box Product Reviews!

Hey y’all!

I know it’s been a while (over a month, in fact!) – things have been crazy on my end because school started to really pick up between mid-November, and it all culminated last week, during finals. Luckily, I’ve got everything done, and a very happy GPA, so I am back in the blogosphere!

I signed up to Influenster a few months ago because I saw some of my favorite bloggers did a few product reviews for them, and it totally sounded like something I’d love to do! Well, today, I got my first-ever Vox Box, hooray!

I opened the box excitedly and was definitely not disappointed by the selection of products within.

The first thing I immediately tried was, of course, the Skinny Cow chocolates!

Now, as far as it comes to me and peanut butter, I am generally not a fan. The only exceptions I will make are for some chocolates that are paired with peanut butter. These “divine filled chocolates” are definitely one of those exceptions. They are wonderfully delicious and the fact that they’re only 130 calories a pack make me too happy for words, since I’m trying to lose a few lbs!

Next up were the Puffs tissues with lotion.

Now, these were a welcome surprise in my Vox Box, because ever since I’ve gotten home from school, I’ve been sneezing and sniffling like crazy. It seems as though Tulsa’s drier air is making my nostrils quite unhappy! Anyway, these tissues were great, and kept my nose from being raw.

Then, the Duck Tape.

I’ve not too much to say about this since I don’t really need to “try it out,” but I must admit that the print is very fun and that its mini size would be incredibly convenient. In my life, I’ve learned that duct tape can – and will – fix just about anything, and that having it either in your car’s glove box or in your purse is a really really good idea.

Finally – the makeup!

I definitely must admit that I was the most excited about these two products – the NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow in Long Beach Sands and the Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer in Celestial.

The first thing I tried was the eyeshadow. Right off the bat, I was incredibly excited about this product because I loved the colors. I’m not one for brightly-colored eyeshadows. I prefer neutrals, metallics, and smokey colors, so the Long Beach Sands selection was perfect for me.

As you can see, I went pretty subtle on the application, but that’s the way I like wearing my eyeshadow. I’m pretty pleased with how it went on – it didn’t cake, and wasn’t super flaky. I give this a thumbs up!

Onto the lip gloss!

I usually only wear lip gloss when I go out with friends, and Rimmel’s Celestial is great for a night out with the girls. It applied to my lips well, and was a fun, vibrant color. Definitely something for the cooler months (I probably won’t be rocking these lips in the summer), but I was quite pleased with it anyway. Another thumbs up!

Have any of y’all tried any of these products? Let me know what you think!



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